My real name is Tim Dreby. I am an award-winning author and licensed marriage and family therapist.  I write to be a strong professional presence for the people I work with, to positively impact the local mental health system, to tell silenced stories and to revolutionize treatment for “psychosis” across diagnostic and cultural divides.

I am not a traveler, but I may come at you from different states at different times. Sure I have been “delusional,” but I find reflecting on the experience leads me closer to a balanced version of my own truth.  So many of us in America have to create facades and hide behind professional and public roles, it becomes very hard to seek authentic truth.

My first book has won multiple awards. It is the story of my own experience fighting for freedom as a social worker in a housing authority. Once out of the State Hospital, I believed the mob was following me and the only job I could find was at an Italian Delicatessen. Recovery for me was about developing respect for the forces that were harassing me and spiritually accepting life on life’s terms.

My current project is a theoretical orientation towards work with “psychosis” to help supporters connect with people in the throes of an episode. I propose a new definition of “psychosis” via identifying eight universal components that message receivers can relate to. These can be like a road map for the rabbit hole for supporters who can propose more culturally sensitive solutions when dilemmas arise.

I was raised in a private school and I sought refuge in college in a ghetto community to hide a history of male anorexia. I worked my way through and have learned to champion untold stories.