Reflections of a Bachelor

It offered stillness To a world That was so active Twirling tearfully Like numb-chucking Buzzards overwhelming Peripheral horizons; Its peace prevailed In the dim after hours: Dish rack in disciplined order, scant suds Loitering around the drain, counter Clear except for an occasional dish rag Somehow charismatic in its grunge.   A few hours earlier … Continue reading Reflections of a Bachelor

Original Gangster!?

You might think you know Where he comes from By noting the precision Of his feet as they Rest in sandals. Atop the spattered glass concrete. Looking at the charisma Buzzing within his disposition, You might imagine his room— The bed sheets and blankets Sucking on the mattress, The ugly, throw rug Nestling into the … Continue reading Original Gangster!?

Legal Reality

Humans inhabit the court room Where right gets discerned from wrong Investing all their damn money Into the justice they long.   Anger bounces savagely In tossed and yanked slinky veins That domino amassment Of hate in buzzing refrain.   These are the veins that disregard Every glimpse of opposition, Destroying truth in perspectives That … Continue reading Legal Reality

The Average, One-Lining, Love-Liable Narrator

When I profess to love you forever, You should know, cause I already told you That I’m lying—that my love is for never.   Now I can see that your attractive look Diminishes as time passes on, first Impressions of your beauty, I know I mistook   Because now your pimple skin has pus; Now … Continue reading The Average, One-Lining, Love-Liable Narrator

Leaving My Hometown with Nothing but a Platonic Relationship

My mission has become a haze In these droning hours—   Snaking pavement, Grass coated medians: Another couple hundred miles, Another tank of diesel fuel, Another nook and cranny town Left unexplored by my consciousness As the gas logo sign posts, Bat me in the eye Like flies Pillars and bridges are swooping down With … Continue reading Leaving My Hometown with Nothing but a Platonic Relationship

Another Anything for a Little Attention Man

It’s true that a plastic rimmed hat That cost me ten cents at a thrift store Is sitting on my head; And it’s true that they gave me A free plastic trash bag To covers some  of my Old five and dime store clothing display; And it’s true I might have taken the bus; When … Continue reading Another Anything for a Little Attention Man

Ode to Self-Discovery

To hell with the insipid emptiness That keeps good people ineptly drowned! Gaze into the perplexed distress and bless The self that is so often shackle bound! This is my pledge to the introspection That so often is betrayed or unknown Or left to rot in the gutter of dread And then scavenged for the … Continue reading Ode to Self-Discovery

Dining Room Discourse

Come travel the depths of this lonely night Where knotted roots grope for a morsel Amid the pale faces of flesh undressed Whose pathways are smitten with pools of blood That had once been pumped by a vital heart Now lay stagnant, solitary tear drops. “Besides,” she says: head bowing, smile sly, “My boyfriend would … Continue reading Dining Room Discourse