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Tim Dreby is an award-winning author and licensed psychotherapist who has written a memoir and developed a training to help revolutionize the way providers work with psychosis. He released his memoir in 2015 which collected five star reviews from Readers Favorite, Readers View, Book Viral Spotlight and Midwest Book Review.


As per awards, in 2015 Tim ranked 8th best in Book Viral's Annual Contest, and he won an Honorable Mention in Readers Favorites 2016 Non-Fiction Biography. The next year he entered the newly established Human Relations Indie Book Award and took four categories including: Director’s Choice Award for Outstanding Human Relations Life Adjustment Indie Book; Gold Winner, Inspirational Human Relations Indie Book; Silver Winner Problem Solving Human Relations Indie Book; Bronze Winner,Self Reflection/Memoir Human Relations Indie Book. Currently in 2018, he has been nominated for a Top Shelf Award.

In 2014-2015 Tim authored a local Innovations Grant during which he utilized a Special Message Curriculum that he developed off the original draft of a book he would like to someday publish. The grant trained four peer specialists under the direction of a project manager to outreach into homeless encampments and local agencies to establish peer-led group therapy. The final findings of the Special Message Project Grant Project can be found here.


In the course of the grant, Tim became a speaker at a host of local venues and has drafted an extensive unpublished write up. Segments of these drafts can be found under the category: Drafts. Through collaborations with the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network, he has narrowed this work into a training for provider folk that can prepare them to join HVN groups and learn to work with individuals through their psychosis. As a result he has developed a seven week training course for providers and is available to come and train Bay Area Programs for a modest honorarium. To request a training, click, Contact.

At the current time, Clyde volunteers outside his job developing the Special Messages Program at PEERS. He also is a board member at Bay Area Hearing Voices Network. He speak annually at CASRA Conferences where he provides the introduction to his training. One day he hopes to help revolutionize the way psychosis is treated across diagnostic divides.


Readers Favorite Award 2016


Honorable Mention Non-Fiction Biograph



2015 Book Viral Book Award

book award

Book Viral 2015, Ranked 8th Best






Winner of four categories!!!

 Director’s Choice Award for Outstanding Human Relations Life Adjustment Indie Book.

Gold Winner, Inspirational Human Relations Indie Book

Silver Winner Problem Solving Human Relations Indie Book

Bronze Winner,  Self Reflection/Memoir Human Relations Indie Book