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I may have attained a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, but as a writer I am unattached to highbrow connections, unschooled, meticulous, independent, yet raw. I do not like using citations or research to distort the reach of my work. I am the male anorexic straight outta Camden, the whistle-blower for the Seattle Housing Coalition, the paranoid schizophrenic of the Montana State Hospital Chronic Unit, the job-hunting, homeless drifter in Fresno, the paranoid servant peppering the olive oil at an Italian delicatessen, and the psychotherapist from the backward in Oakland. And I am never going back to the private Quaker Prep School where I was raised. I am here to revolutionize the way you meet and greet psychosis. I want to expand and improve the way psychotherapists and supporters aid the sufferer.



Winner of four categories!!!

 Director’s Choice Award for Outstanding Human Relations Life Adjustment Indie Book.
Gold Winner, Inspirational Human Relations Indie Book
Silver Winner Problem Solving Human Relations Indie Book
Bronze Winner,  Self Reflection/Memoir Human Relations Indie Book


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Five Star Reviews

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“[Clyde’s] story is fascinating because he is able to intellectualize what he was thinking and feeling at the time, even if he is discussing his paranoid delusional thoughts . . . As someone with a Master’s of Science degree in a counseling field, I have found my greatest lessons have been from real people and not material in textbooks. As I read Clyde’s story, I felt like I learned many lessons through what he has to share. My work will definitely be more beneficial by what I learned from him.”

Paige Lovitt, Readers Views, five stars

“An intensely personal and impressively well written memoir, “Fighting for Freedom in America: Memoir of a ‘Schizophrenia’ and Mainstream Cultural Delusions” is a compelling read from beginning to end.”

Midwest Book Review, five stars

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