Six-Hour Training

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I redefine psychosis into eight components in a way that is vastly different than the medical model. In doing this I create descriptive jargon that can help trainees get closer to “psychosis” experience so they conceptualize it and welcome it into the room. During this process I intermittently promote eight solutions and justify how they can be helpful and therefore necessitate bringing forth these experiences into treatment.

During the presentation I provide an example of a day in the life of my own lived experience. This is returned to throughout the training to help give context and illustrate techniques that can be utilized when psychosis is redefined. My lived experience also helps illustrate topics of conversation that typically come up in support/therapy groups and can help prepare participants to be ready to respond in structured ways that can help lead to healing and social rehabilitation.

Along the way I have drafted extensive training tools and two drafts of a book. The book still needs a lot of work but has prepared me to present my materials in a structured format to a small or large group of people. The training comes with a work sheet and the Power Point is always available below. I have gained significant experience presenting this material and adjusting to the needs of differing audiences.

Please contact me with questions and to set up a time that I can avail myself to come and train your staff.


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