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In the frontiers of America’s mental health institutions, fighting for freedom can become very personal!

Six years into a clinical career, anonymous mental health worker, Clyde Dee, starts work in a notorious Section 8 housing project. Getting to the bottom of what’s going on in a fractured system, Clyde finds himself mysteriously compelled to break the codes of standard drug war conduct. After six months of uncanny threats and coincidences, he decides to go off a low dose of anti-psychotic medication. Stopped by police in an effort to exit the country, he ends up incarcerated in a State Hospital for three months and released to the streets. In the years that follow, Clyde moves through American disparities and cultural delusions, facing some of his worst fears come true.

Clyde’s story reveals both the innards of “Schizophrenia” and how a person can learn to make peace with the forces that are following them around. With the mob breathing down his neck, Clyde is able to overcome homelessness, underemployment, and harassment. He is able to morph into someone who is fighting to gain attention for his successes in treating others who are in the throes of a “psychotic” episode. 


Readers Favorite Award 2016


Honorable Mention Non-Fiction Biography

2015 Book Viral Book Award

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Book Viral 2015, Ranked 8th Best



Winner of four categories!!!

 Director’s Choice Award for Outstanding Human Relations Life Adjustment Indie Book.

Gold Winner, Inspirational Human Relations Indie Book

Silver Winner Problem Solving Human Relations Indie Book

Bronze Winner,  Self Reflection/Memoir Human Relations Indie Book