Are you facing mental health challenges that threaten your hopes and dreams?

Maybe people are using labels that seem chronic and don’t accurately reflect either what you are experiencing or what you’ve been through! Maybe you’ve had experience with institutionalized care and you don’t want to go back! Could it be you are a family member and don’t know how to be supportive! Or maybe you’ve been through the fire, found a sense of safety, and are ready to get back to your hopes and dreams!

It could be that you have lingering depression, anxiety, or states of dissociation that just won’t go away. Or maybe you have experienced things that other people say shouldn’t be real even though they are. Perhaps you have faced the prospects or realities of homelessness, hospitalizations, jail, or poverty; or

maybe you got caught up in other kinds of conspiracy. Maybe you’ve had spiritual experiences for which you are getting persecuted. Or is it that substance abuse is somehow part of the picture. It makes sense to fear stereotypes or realities associated with the labels, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe you’ve been through it before and are going through a life transition.

Whether you’re in it alone, or maintain relationships with family and friends, as a therapist and as a person, I know first-hand about these realities. It doesn’t matter what they say, I have developed specialized care to assist you. And I love to cross cultural divides and break down barriers!

I accept many forms of insurance for Telehealth services. I work on Friday and Saturday and am currently accepting people on a wait-list. Please do reach out and inquire about services, I want to hear from you.

Currently Accepting Clients On A Wait-List for Friday and Saturday Appointments!!

Family Consultations

What if you or your loved one is not sure that therapy is really for them? Perhaps, like many other family members, you think therapy is a good idea, but your loved one just doesn’t feel that way. This can lead to conflict and challenges in the relationship.

Unfortunately the standard of care for working with experiences associated with “psychosis” involves efforts to suppress those experiences. I feel starting out with an expectation of suppression is the wrong approach. Many people who may have received treatment in the past reject this standard of care and don’t want to deal with a therapist who only reinforces it.

Sometimes learning how to engage and be curious about your loved ones experiences can help. For this reason, I offer Friday or Saturday consultations when I get therapy cancellations. I charge a fee of sixty dollars and can contact you sporadically as soon as space opens up. I offer reflections on my lived experience, support for the anxiety you may be facing, and ideas about how to better connect with your loved ones and have a better relationship.

Meeting People Where They Are At:

When a person just isn’t sure therapy will work for them based on their past experiences, it may help working with the family first. Let’s say you both see improvement in terms of the guidance you have gotten, perhaps there might be more interest in trying therapy. Sometimes people may want to start infrequent appointments and test things our while they wait for a space to open up on my caseload. I can meet California residents where they are at by trying consultation sessions with them to demonstrate the utility of the hearing voices network approach.

Out-of-State Consultations:

I am limited to doing therapy in California. However, I am willing to do family consults with people out-of-state that help support the wisdom of the hearing voices movement. It’s true I have developed my own Redefining Psychosis approach, but have also studied and worked with the HVN movement to learn what I know. Unfortunately, in working with voice hearers or message receivers, I am not able to differentiate what I would do in consultation from what I would do in therapy and therefore am limited to family consultations when it comes to working with people from out of state.


Multicultural Connections

Schizophrenia Labels

Schizoaffective/Bipolar Labels

“Psychosis”/Special Messages

“PTSD”/Complex Trauma and Generational Trauma

Dissociation States

Attention/Social Learning Disabilities

“Personality Disorders”/trauma syndromes

Dual Diagnosis/Addictions


Therapy Modalities

Person Centered

Narrative/Social Justice

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Wellness Recovery Action Planning

Peer Support Models

Motivational Interviewing

EFT/EMDR Trained

IFS Informed

Redefining Psychosis



Magellan (Blue Shield)

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Medicare (Nordian)



Spiritual Emergencies

Hearing Voices



Multicultural Needs

Social Exclusion

Life Transitions

Institutionalized Care

Substance Abuse


Eating Issues



Self Esteem

Sexual/Physical Abuse

Attention Problems

Mood Swings

Mood Extremes

Learning Disorders

Legal Challenges

Waiting List Policy:

Unfortunately, I receive a lot of referrals from insurance companies and have a long list of people interested in my services at this time.  I recommend that interested parties  check out my webpages to learn some about my approach to make sure we are a good fit.

The best ways to get my attention is to call the number below or click the picture to the right and leave me a message on my contact page. I try to be fair, but letting me know that you’ve read some of my work and multiple phone calls do help get my attention. I want to serve everybody, but finding people who are a good fit is mutually beneficial.


Cost of Therapy

As a person with a great deal of lived experience, I prioritize making therapy affordable. You should be commended for your desire to work on yourself, not drained dry. For this reason I keep my fee low and prefer to use insurance panels. I can also send you a superbill without any problem if I am out of network.

Some think those who accept insurance panels are bottom of the barrell therapists. I think finding a good therapist is more about a cultural fit. It can be work and it is very frustrating, but investing the time tofind a cultural fit is worth while.

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