I direct my practice towards being able to support people who have extraordinary experiences and as a result do not have an easy time changing the way they think or feel. Many who have extraordinary experiences know it, but some may not. Many may feel at odds with society as a result.

With over twenty years of experience working with people in the mental health system, I have developed a unique approach to addressing the needs of people who experience external and internal trauma. They may receive what I have come to term, special messages.

What do I mean, special messages? People who receive special messages have a host of experiences that give them special information that others might or might not pick up on. Much like it is for the person who has engaged in heavy substance abuse, the whole world becomes full of clues and triggers that remind  the addict of their addiction, message receivers experience a host of triggers that alert them of alternate realities. Such realities can be pleasant but often are grim. I’d argue that a lot of people aren’t adept at managing it when these kinds of realities come up and the result is contact with the mental health system.

I think special message information is real, valuable and has purpose, but it can lead many people into distress and conflict with others. It can also lead to extended periods of crisis during which messages are trusted more than anything else. During crisis large amounts of loss can ensue and a person can be marginalized.

Some examples of special message experiences are things like:

  1. Uncanny intuitions,
  2. ESP,
  3. Sensing the thoughts of another,
  4. Having others be able to sense your thoughts
  5. Premonitions,
  6. Hearing voices,
  7. Visions,
  8. Dreams,
  9. Tactile torture,
  10. Interpersonal feedback,
  11. Seeing clues of conspiracy in media,
  12. Seeing clues in words,
  13. Seeing clues in numbers,
  14. Seeing clues in the world that surround you.

These types of experiences go together like letters in the alphabet to create distinctive universes that can teach individuals a lot. I do not believe people who receive special messages are not hopeless or broken!

My approach has developed through running innovative groups over the past nine years. During this time I have not only worked with people who get special messages, I have learned to share my own special message experiences in ways that are helpful to others. Special messages work has successfully brought together people across the diagnostic spectrum to work together. From labels of schizophrenia, schizoaffective, or bipolar to labels associated with depression, PTSD, or disassociation, a lot can be learned from other people who share special message experiences.

I find that groups that honor this taboo subject help people collaborate, create a culture of support, and inspire each other to move forward..  I believe that groups that mix people who are still in crisis with people who are getting to the other side are ideal.

Additionally, I have had success training message receivers to help them work in mental health. I believe our voices to be very needed in the field.

If you or someone you love has had contact with the mental health system that has left you/them feeling misunderstood, punished, and suppressed, my specialized services may be just what you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to send your interest and inquiries.



I am currently work in an Outpatient Program that accepts individuals who have Medicare and Medi-Cal. If you live in the East Bay and receive Medicare, you may contact 510-437-4397. Many different types of services have been set up to hopefully meet you where you or your loved on is at.

Additionally, my agency is starting up a pilot program to serve individuals who receive ony Medi-Cal and receive Beacon insurance. Though services may be time limited in this program, if you live in the East Bay you may contact       for more information.

Additionally, I currently run a support group at PEERS on 333 Hegenburger in Oakland on Thursday nights from 5-7. Currently, I may have to shut down this free resource as attendance is dwindling; but if you are eager and committed you may contact me at:, and see what the lay of the land is in terms of whether I am continuing these services.