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If you are looking to better understand what the word “psychosis” means, you have landed in the right place. I believe that the way this word is understood in the modern world clouds the judgement of many treatment providers, family members, and sufferers. Indeed mainstream judgements and cultural delusions associated with the medicalized label of schizophrenia can lead to challenging interpersonal relationships, grave misunderstandings and pain and suffering.

Most people who are called to help out do not want to be seen as evil oppressors endlessly punishing the sufferer until they start to comply with warehousing, poverty and meaningless lives. Helpers often have to work within the confines of money making institutions that are there to sustain themselves. Such institutions are often full of stigma and people who have read misinformation in textbooks and don’t know how to form dignified and respectful relationships with people who are experiencing a “break” from reality.

This site is dedicated to advancing training, writing, and thought that challenge mainstream views of “psychosis” and advance a more normalized, mutual, and realistic understanding of what is happening in “psychosis” or a “break” from reality. We are currently setting up trainings that can help you understand what is happening during psychosis both within the sufferer and within the society.

There is a lot to read and understand on this site in the pages and blog. You may prefer to start with signing up for my email list to learn what Special Message experiences are. This is a great way to keep abreast of opportunities to contribute and participate in the trainings. I believe it is possible to learn to have optimal relationships with people in “psychosis.” Such relationships can be used to help improve society rather than sustain pain, suffering, and oppression.

It is true conflicts associated with “psychosis” and feel very grim. You are not nearly as alone as you may think.  Simple acceptance is often the first step towards transforming your life and relationships.


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Across Diagnostic Categories!
Whether you are a sufferer, survivor, provider or loved one, I am almost certain that when we look across diagnostic categories that more people relate to these experiences than you think!

What Will People Think?
When a person first experiences a psychosis or special message emergency, many think a threshold has been crossed from which there is no going back. Often, associates presume the worst possible outcome and go on with their lives as if the sufferer no longer exists.

Often, the focus of treatment is overly protective reality checks and behavioral control. Many experts do not know what to do and utilize an institutional system that does not work and can make things worse. They may vastly underestimate what the sufferer can learn and accomplish.

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