Straight Outta State Hospital

Instead of being afraid and promoting symptom suppression, we need to refine public understanding of what psychosis is: something to which most of us can relate. We need an open up dialogue about the emergency state and to challenge the medicalized cultural delusion that these experiences lead to irreversible brain damage. Finally, we need to learn to call upon to shamanic teachers who know how to live well with psychosis for help.

As someone with over twenty years of experience as a provider, I am still haunted by the fact that six years in, I found myself warehoused for three months in a state hospital. The two years of crisis I went through during and after my incarceration was a challenge. In fact, it was so bad, I wrote an award-winning book about it.

Across Diagnostic Categories!
Whether you are a sufferer, survivor, provider or loved one, I am almost certain that when we look across diagnostic categories that more people relate to these experiences than you think!

What Will People Think?
When a person first experiences a psychosis or special message emergency, many think a threshold has been crossed from which there is no going back. Often, associates presume the worst possible outcome and go on with their lives as if the sufferer no longer exists.

Often, the focus of treatment is overly protective reality checks and behavioral control. Many experts do not know what to do and utilize an institutional system that does not work and can make things worse. They may vastly underestimate what the sufferer can learn and accomplish.

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Nine Social Skills

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