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Welcome! You’ve discovered the author and psychotherapy website of Tim Dreby. I yearn to change the way experiences associated with psychosis are greeted in the clinics, the public and in your consciousness. Thank you for checking in. Whatever challenges you might be facing, I think you will find things in my writings and my work that will help you on your journey.

In psychotherapy, I offer innovative solutions for complex challenges. Perhaps you have reached out for help and got burned. Maybe it seems like there is no safe place to talk about your problems. Or maybe it’s just you are trying to help a family member but just don’t know what to do. When there is no simple answer for anxiety, depression, social exclusion, abuse, emotional pain or addictive behavior, perhaps it is time to go a little deeper.

I have a twenty-five year career in the mental health system and am an award-winning author. I’ve learned things from books, but at this time in my life, I tend to veer towards stories, experience, and my connection with the universe. When things like complex and generational trauma are behind your suffering there may be an array of syndromes to be explored. These may include not only learning and interpersonal challenges, but also dissociation, psychosis or hearing voices. It can be good to work with someone who is fully vested and knowledgeable about these challenges!

Whether you are seeking my therapy services, my training for professionals, or just looking for a good read, congratulations! Reaching out for help is an exceedingly humble thing to do. You are not nearly as alone as you may think.  Simple acceptance is often the first step towards transforming your life.


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Across Diagnostic Categories!
Whether you are a sufferer, survivor, provider or loved one, I am almost certain that when we look across diagnostic categories that more people relate to these experiences than you think!

What Will People Think?
When a person first experiences a psychosis or special message emergency, many think a threshold has been crossed from which there is no going back. Often, associates presume the worst possible outcome and go on with their lives as if the sufferer no longer exists.

Often, the focus of treatment is overly protective reality checks and behavioral control. Many experts do not know what to do and utilize an institutional system that does not work and can make things worse. They may vastly underestimate what the sufferer can learn and accomplish.

Demystifying Complex Trauma for Therapists

We all know that ending a secreted abuse and getting public support is an important element of healing. Indeed, it is nice when society comes to the rescue as they did to victims when the world trade towers fell. When victims sense they are supported there is more opportunity for resilience, heroism, and healing. But […]

Looking Backwards for Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Solutions for “Schizophrenia” Syndromes:

It was once suggested to me in a sociology class that sometimes we should be skeptical of advances in society. “Sometimes for the truth,” the professor with a nose ring exclaimed, “it is wiser to go back in time. Sometimes the wisdom in ancient societies can teach us a lot.” Nowhere, in my opinion, is […]

The Longings of Lonliness

Working against the constant spank of summer, Loneliness negotiated a groove into the hard rock Although it seemed so pointless. I do not know how this project was initiated. Nor do I know how he came to inhabit this mountain top; But I did watch him grind skull against earth’s flesh The nose hoeing, the […]

Three Voices Podcast

Click to hear podcast   TIM DREBY, PSYCHOTHERAPIST AND SPECIAL MESSAGE RECEIVER Tim Dreby is an award-winning author, a licensed and practicing therapist with a master’s in counseling psychology. He is a peer who experienced symptoms of schizophrenia later in life. We talk about this time in his life including how it was useful to […]

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