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Are you motivated to learn cultural skills that help you support those who are in psychosis? Start by learning a new definition!


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Herein you will find a proposal for a zoom workshop training series. The training would involve materials I have developed and presented on over twelve years.

This series will give participants an opportunity to study a different approach to defining psychosis. The purpose of defining psychosis in a new manner is to highlight and reinforce a variety of connection and support strategies that can help participants engage with the people they want to support and help them towards their social, vocational, spiritual, and health goals.

The workshop would be built for mental health providers, peer support workers, and family members. People with lived experience who may want to assess, offer input, and add perspective on the ideas presented would be welcome to join for free.

Then intention is to create a rich learning environment in which healing and trauma-informed approaches toward experiences associated with psychosis can be amplified. Connection to spiritual traditions and practices will be encouraged. The strategies will emphasize person-centered engagement instead of social control.

Content of Training:

The training will be a mix of didactic PowerPoint slides, responsive discussions, opportunity for applicable case consultation, storytelling and occasional exercises aimed at preparing participants to connect with people at a variety of stages in their recovery process.

We will review eight components of a definition of the experiences of psychosis and eight corresponding solution strategies

The emphasis will be on being with psychosis not changing it, yet providing direction and support towards helping a person achieve wellness and contribute to society so that their hopes and dream may be pursued.

Time Commitment:

The time commitment for the training is ten one and a half hour sessions and the frequency of the meetings will be once every other week. This is a training you may take more than once to better understand the concepts, but all the material will be presented over a twenty-week period. This process will be repeated so if you miss a week you can make it up at a later point.

Workshop Size:

For each twenty-week session the goal will be to attract twenty participants. While the material for the workshop has been developed over twelve years, in the beginning this workshop will be a learning and growing process that is best suited for people who want to add input and are not taking it for CEUs.

When we build momentum and sponsorship, we will hope to extend CEUs to licensed professionals in California and to sell the course online for people who are more inclined to get the thing out of the way rapidly.

The Goal:

It is my hope that by the end of the course, participants will be equipped to go down the rabbit-hole with no fear, judgment or pretense and that the result will be a much better chance at having good productive relationship with our loved ones we want to help.

If you are interested in care that is not coercive in nature and in good long-term relationships, you might be surprised at what a broader definition of psychosis can do for you. If you are not sure right away, you can join my email list and get updates on the progress of developing this training right away.

If you think want to attend early sessions, the fee will be only $100 dollars for twenty-five hours of extensive training. Indicate that you have lived experience with psychosis and the fee will be dropped. All you need to do is drop me a line at my Contact/Subscribe page and I will put you on the roster.

I am considering this project a journey and will be blogging and sending email updates about how it develops. You can always visit my website join my email list or learn about the latest developments. I hope to see you in the near future.

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