A Celebration of my Book with NAMI

If you’ve ever wondered how Holden Caulfield turned out, you’ll want to meet our guest Timothy Dreby (pen name Clyde Dee). Six years into a clinical career, anonymous mental health worker Clyde Dee starts work in a notorious housing project in Seattle. Navigating a fractured system, he finds himself mysteriously compelled to break the codes of standard drug war conduct. After six months of uncanny threats and coincidences, he decides to go off a low dose of antipsychotic medication. What follows is a hero’s journey as he battles injustice, corruption, and stigma – in addition to his own mental illness. Come and meet the writer of this fearless, poignant, and funny book. Thursdays with NAMI is held virtually every Thursday from 7:00-8:30pm. It is free of charge, but registration is required. Go to www.naminc.org and search “Thursdays” for more information and to register.