Upcoming Training and Workshops

In the upcoming months I will be doing a number of training/workshops that I wanted my supporters to know about.

First I will participate in a panel discussion in a panel discussion at UCSF from 10-11:30 on Wednesday, September 9th representing the hearing voices network perspective.

Then, later the same day I will be utilizing some portion of the short version of my training to clinical staff at Community Forward San Francisco along with a colleague from the BAHVN, Heather Riemer.

At work, on Friday September 18, I will provide a brief, hour long didactic training  from 1-2 to doctoral interns who work at Highland Hospital.

Then, October 8, thanks to zoom I will be presenting an hour of my training for a community group in Cincinnati Ohio.

Finally I am in negotiations with Morton Baker Hospital in Oakland to provide a full six-hour training to a small group that wants to start a Special Messages Program in the hospital.

At work I am transitioning down to three days a week as I am expanding my practice to include a yet-to-be-determined weekday. As a result, I am available for a limited time only to provide training to various agencies for free to help gain referrals for my practice.

As we all find ourselves confined by the COVID pandemic, there are many people who are struggling with special message crisis who need our help and support. Now it is easier than ever to get training out there. Do not hesitate to contact me with your request.

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