What it Takes to Make Friends with People who Torment You:

What does it take to make peace with powerful people who are there to torment and target you? I think the answer to this question becomes a simple formula. It is terribly easy for an observer to suggest, but it is a profoundly difficult to carry out. The purpose of this blog is to articulate the formula and raise awareness of how hard and transformative a process this is thorough which to go.

It is so frustrating to me that in the mental health system that almost no one will tell you what to do. Instead they will gaslight you and punish or abandon you until you get it right. Instead of caring about what you are going through they will suspend your habeas corpus and give you labels, pills, and behavioral control that is ultimately aimed at destroying your life and turning you into an innocuous warehoused cash cow.

Indeed, the formula is simple: you must not fight your tormentors no matter how heinous they might seem. You must accept that they are a higher power and publicly pretend they don’t exist. Instead, of rebelling against oppression, learn to have compassion and respect the oppressors. You may assert that you will not join them, but must recognize that the role they play is important and up to god to judge. Then, play by their social rules and engage in activities that will earn you your freedom and independence. With freedom and independence, you can work to disrupt the oppression through which you have been when you play by the rules.

How “They” May Get the Best of You:

Many who suffer a message crisis or what is more commonly termed a, “break from reality,” feel followed. Sometimes this is the result of voice characters and sometimes it isn’t. Whether for their benefit or detriment, feeling followed can be an overwhelming experience. This can make it hard to develop trusting relationships.

Rarely do others seem to believe or care about the fact you are being followed. So often friends realize you think you are followed, and seem to judge, reject, and lose interest in you. Boundaries and challenges to your reality become the new norm and you may find yourself all alone.

Assessing others, often yields the results you expect. When others don’t fit into your explanation immediately, it is perplexing. They may be friendly and supportive and want to help. However, in due time, they will reveal themselves to your as being part of the conspiracy. They may ultimately disagree with you that you are really being followed.

Worse, you may become enveloped in systems that not only don’t believe you, but that also make gossip about you amongst themselves. This may start on a psychiatric unit and spread to a family. It may be replicated in a malicious manner at a job, among outpatient treatment staff or among board and care staff. Suddenly the world becomes full of people who interpret most things you do negatively. But these kinds of reality are only the tip of the ice burg.

To make matters worse, some of you may hear derogatory voices of other people you down that confirm and augment this process. Maybe you are engaging in telepathy and people really are putting you down. Or maybe the voices you may hear are controlled by government technology which is real and surrounds all everyday citizens. Or what if the tormentor is some kind of spiritual entity.

Maybe a Cabal or a powerful secret society starts to reveal itself to you. Maybe the secret society starts to gangstalk you in ways that mimic the natural negative process of abuse. This could be a criminal organization or other organization like the illuminati. Maybe it is a spy organization from another country. Or it could be a police department that is infiltrated by members of the criminal Cabal. Maybe the FBI starts surveying you.

Maybe you are shown different dimensions of reality in which you come into contact with beings that are not of this world. Maybe this causes your spiritual skills to go into hyperdrive and increase the phenomenon of feeling followed.

Meanwhile, back on the psychiatric ranch, medication may be imposed on you to limit your awareness of all these state secrets. Often, too much medication, quell your ability to work and overcome the chronic, evil oppression that surrounds you.

In fact, this process of slowing down your spiritual evolution may be the worst aspect of this if you get incarcerated and coerced. Labels with long names and chronic predictions may justify your suspended habeas corpus. You may get hounded by people who criticize all aspects of your behavior for no apparent reason. Your brain may get damaged by no way out without punishment situations. You must lose your hope for ever overcoming the Cabal that infiltrates and controls the hospital.

If you are able, you must fight for your freedom. If you don’t the hospital will encourage you to stay because you are their cash cow. When they let you go, they may put you into impoverished conditions. Then, you may get forced to go back to a system that may be inevitably negative toward you. This system may be your family, your job, or your homeless situation. The hospital may rough you up. Your peers at the hospital may do the same. Ultimately you must learn subservience and lies and pick the lesser of the evils that surround you.

How I Started Viewing My Tormenters in a Strikingly Positive Manner

Evil is the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of our own sick selves. In short, it is scapegoating . . .    Scott Peck, People of the Lie.

There was a point in my own recovery when I decided my best strategy was to be strikingly positive about all the people who were conspiring with negative assessments of my value. It was clear to me that this was happening in my family, at my job, and amongst governmental agencies and criminal organizations.

My family gave me just enough money so that I could afford an apartment in Antioch California with the minimum wage they arranged for me at the Italian Delicatessen. My family forced me to see a therapist for two hours a week who shopped at the Italian Deli and defended it fiercely. She was making 125$ an hour and I was making 9$. My “delusion” was that my family was a mafia family.

To get to my job I had to bike ten miles to the BART station and take an hour-long ride to a town that is a Republican stronghold. Along the way, there were signs I was being followed on a daily basis. One day I was followed by a resident I knew from the Section 8 Housing Authority Complex where I worked in Seattle WA. This man was bearing handcuffs and a CIA hat. One day in Seattle he had come to see me and told me he had killed people. I ignored him as he rode the train sitting across the isle all the way to my job. Most days there were similar “coincidences” or signs that I was being followed on the train.

Meanwhile, there were occasions my apartment was broken into police search style. There were times it appeared to be broken into just to move things around that would send me a message. Since things were never stolen, there was nothing I could do. When mail pertaining to my efforts to get hired was opened, I could make complaints at the post office, but it would not stop the phenomenon from reoccurring.

“Everybody says we are just enabling you,” my mother would exclaim when I complained to her about these details. When I called my father’s family, they were all angry at me and supported my father who I knew to be negative and non-responsive to my concerns.

The shrink would bring up the fact that I said I thought I was sexually abused in the hospital. She had gotten this information from my mother, who was outraged at me for talking about such experiences. The shrink told me that I had nothing to complain about. I never brought the issue up again. It would take years to reclaim some dissociated memories that confirmed my concern.

“Some day you are going to have to trust somebody,” the shrink would exclaim.

My best friend from college had said the same thing. He had paid for college by working surveillance for a dirty Philadelphia cop. He used to sell drugs and now was a gang leader for the longshoremen. He had made a credible threat when I was working at the section 8 housing that cause me to flee to Canada, where I was intercepted by police . . .

So, one day I was thinking about all the stigmatic judgments that were assaulting me. I was distressed because none of them were true but I felt that the world could have its way with me because I didn’t have a support. I finally decided that they could say what they wanted, I would combat them by being compassionate and positive about them. I needed to start being positive about my tormentors in all sectors of my life.

I started with work where the harassment and negativity were the worst. I was likewise positive to the shrink about my parents and vice versa. I started accepting visits from my father. I stopped reaching out to members of my family and hoping to get support. I wrote cards to the social workers who had trained me to lower my moral standard and kept me employed along the way. I accepted a referral for medication. I took half of what I was prescribed and I found my efforts to be compassionate and positive to be vastly improved.

It was a long process to change my perspective, but eventually fifteen years later the relationships are finally starting to change. I certainly still struggle to be compassionate to people who smear my name and gossip about me, but occasionally, I remember the need to do so.

If I fail to be positive about people who lie and gossip about me, which I occasionally do on my blog, I run the risk of sounding like I am not well. When I do this, editors don’t select me. Also, I don’t get as many views.

Changing the Systems Around You that Hate on You:

To change the systems around you that devalue and debunk you is a huge challenge and it takes radical dishonesty of what I like to call “Kiss-Ass-Skills.” The good news is you don’t have to believe in the way you act, you just have to produce a convincing performance. Sometimes they say, you’ve got to look the devil in the eye.

In therapy they presume these are social skills and graces that you have to champion. However, according to the formula I posited at the onset of this blog, only through radical behavioral change can you escape the clutches of the modern world’s social ills. It is the social skills that try to block you on your road to spiritual enlightenment or social justice.

You may not be able to stop secret Cabals like the illuminati, the CIA, the AMA, or the big pharma industry, but you don’t have to join them. Really, you need to have compassion for the organizations that most torment you. You have to look at their agents or minions in the eye and remember to have compassion. Then, you use “Kiss-Ass-Skill,” and change your negative energy for them.

Recently, I walked with a friend who taught me about the origins of the Mafia, the Cabal, that most tormented me, I think. They originated as a militia that resisted the corruption and evils of the Roman civilization. When I try to have compassion for the need to fight corruption that empowers the one percent to enjoy money for nothing, I can heal from what I went through. The people who were killed had broken rules of the secret society and I hadn’t. Though my notions of social justice caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people, I lived. Part of me was relieved.

“What Does it Mean to be Crazy in a Crazy World?”—Will Hall

When a staff member does something good at your shelter, board and care, family or secret society, you have the power to honor it. When they come at you, like most agents of the mental health system do, with superiority and negativity, feel bad for them that they have to work a job that so burns them out and find some behavior that you can compliment. Backhanded compliments help sometimes. As a staff person I am grateful to get them because I don’t always realize when I am misusing my power and I don’t want to misuse it.

Unfortunately, oppressive systems don’t easily change first. In reality, you need to be the agent of change. Maybe you are already and just need to honor yourself. It is arguable that it is your job as the spiritual leader of your failed community to reclaim your role and improve the system. Put out positive energy and have compassion for the forces that corrupt and kill.

Being a soldier or agent is hard work. Use “Kiss Ass Skills” to compliment and appreciate the people who work for you no matter how stupid or heinous we are. I know it took me a long time to learn to do that at the Italian Deli because feelings of oppression are so hard against which to work.

When it comes to telling the truth, let it be the weak chains in the link with whom you collaborate. When you have a therapist, who can mirror positive things about your spiritual power right back at you, you have a good person with which to work. You might need to explain to them what your voices or messages are saying.

Clear out the irrational chains that hold you in bondage. Every once in a while, you might have a chance to tell people your truth. Every once in a while, you have a chance to be a revolutionary and change the world. Until then you just have to lead oppressive people spiritually and help them develop better empathy and curious inquiry skills.