Accepting Beacon, Magellan, Optum, and Medi-Cal

Now Accepting Beacon, Magellan, Medi-Cal, and Optum Insurance

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Name & Business: Tim Dreby, MFT
Contact Email:
Contact Phone :510-778-9194
Licensed in the State of CA (Y/N/NA)? Yes
Clinical Licenses or Certificates: LMFT #45563
Willing to Work Via Videoconference? Yes, on the secure platform
Able to provide support with minimal use of medications, including tapering or discontinuation (Y/N)? Yes
Familiarity with the Hearing Voices Movement (Y/N)? Yes
Experience working with children 14 and younger (Y/N)? SomeBackground or Prior Training in Psychosis:
I have 25 years experience working in community mental health and two years of lived experience living with psychosis. For the last twelve years I have been running professional groups that involve exploring psychosis across diagnostic categories in a collaborative manner. From these experiences I have developed a six-hour training for professional to help teach them to accept and explore psychosis. Moreover, I am the award-winning author of a memoir detailing my own experience.

Current Approach to Psychosis:
I have formulated my own system to address  those in emergency. This is based on redefining psychosis into eight solvable components. While I have learned that people who endure what I like to call a special message emergency are extremely culturally diverse, I also have identified eight constructs to which I find most message receivers can relate.. I like to think these constructs form the basis of might be our own inclusive culture. They encourage explorations and detail skills that can be gained to lead the kind of lives we choose. I don’t believe in dividing up message receivers and excluding some. I believe we have enough collective experiences with being excluded already. In fact I find many people who experience trauma and other marginalizing circumstances often relate and learn from message receiving experiences.

Insurance and Fee Structure: Beacan, Magellan, Medi-Cal, and Optum. I keep my fee low to be accessible to those with limited resources.

Dont Forget to Inquire About My Training for Professional and Family Members!

I Provide Training of a variety of lengths

  • Limitations of the Medical Model Definintion
  • The Jargon of a new definition with solution concepts
  • Joining
  • Flexing
  • Behavioral changes
  • Anti-Stigma Cognition
  • Reframing Reality
  • Using the Material
  • Writing meaningful Treatment Plans

I will waive my fee to market my services to the community

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