How “Psychosis” Can Lead to Intuitive Knowledge and Connection to Spirit:

Consensus Reality and Psychosis (or Special Message) Reality:

I believe there are a lot of errors among those who remain in consensus reality. I mean it is quite clear when we in the United States consider that different cultures have different consensus realities that there are errors in any reality. Look at Fox News verses MSNBC, realize they are reporting on the same events and you get a feel for the way consensus reality must have errors in it. I mean how can both diametrically opposed viewpoints be true at the same time.

We all learn to accept a consensus reality in spite of errors. There are different people embedded in different cultures. Sometimes we fight and kill each other. Sometimes we get along. And sometimes we put people in concentration camps like jails, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, shelters, public housing authorities, and board and care homes. Sometimes we maintain entitlements of the few by suspending the rights of others.

I say these things because I think it is important for more people to accept psychosis reality or what I prefer to call special message reality even though there can be occasional errors much as there are with different forms of consensus reality

Indeed, I am going to argue that in reality special message reality is a part of many of our lives. If we all understood what it was, many would agree that it is a significant part of reality. Instead we think it is a magical medical brain defect.

Managing special message reality is tricky especially when we are told it is not real.

To get along with others, however, we must respect that it has to be suppressed and behaviorally managed. Much as diametrically opposed cultures that hate each other need to somehow understand each other enough in order to coexist, special message reality needs to be accepted, balanced, and integrated with the modern material world to move forward.

When this happens, I am going to argue, a person can be the recipient of intuitive knowledge and have a sense of connection to spirit. Instead, consensus reality is balanced via a state of misinformation and global delusion.

What Happens to Special Message Reality in an Emergency State:

Many people object to the process by which someone receives their information when they are in madness. I believe that this is because in an emergency state, message receivers believe absolutely in their special message experiences. They may not honor the basic tenants of survival to which we all agree. They may break various forms of social contracts in ways that scare many.

However, regardless of many peoples’ objection to how that information was obtained, there are many ways that “psychotic,” special message information is correct when consensus reality is not. It does not take long periods of psychosis for a message receiver to realize this is true once they’ve experienced psychosis. Too many people don’t realize that special message reality can be accurate. Some do, but just don’t know what to do about it.

Perhaps this is because when a person is in psychosis, many loved ones and supporters tend to disbelieve their experience because it doesn’t fit with their cultural sense of consensus reality. It becomes very clear that things the message receiver knows to be true will automatically be denied or ignored.

Sure, there can be some things the message receiver believes to be true that aren’t. But I believe that most message receivers in the early stages of a break, can tell the difference between something they know for sure verses something that is less certain.

What happens in a crisis is that the message receiver gains the experience of having their less certain beliefs confirmed to be accurate. Then, message receivers become absolute believers in all their messages. Often, many established forms of mental health treatment complete this cycle via protocol.

Once this happens enough, message receivers may need help and support to change from being absolute believers in all their message experiences to being skeptical believers. If the message experiences magically stop, they are not forgotten and it takes time to heal them.

If our loved ones and supporters know how to relate to us with respect for special message reality, they can help us return from being absolute believers, to more skeptical believers over time. Then we can learn to adjust to erroneous forms of consensus reality enough to survive. Often times, loved ones and supporters do not have any interest or understanding of our experiences.

Learning ways Special Message Reality Is Correct and Ways it Isn’t:

I have been working on defining the ways that people in psychosis or special messages emergency derive their information from experiences. Twelve years ago, I coined the term special messages which are the collection of experiences that lead to psychosis reality.

Many of those experiences lead to what I have chosen to call divergent views. When divergent views are expressed people start to get concerned about their accuracy. When a divergent view proves itself to be wrong, we call it the “D” word, delusion. Consensus people wonder why the person can see that it is an error the way we do.

Yes, some divergent views are wrong, but many aren’t.

For example, consensus reality suggests it is safe to talk on the phone and to walk naked in out private space without worrying about being caught on camera. If not for whistleblowers and wanted fugitives like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, the public would not know that consensus reality is actually incorrect about this.

In fact, we are not granted those civil liberties. If we get upset about that, we may struggle with anti-government sentiments. If we cannot behave as if we are not bothered by these realities, we may get targeted.

In other words, when you are naked, and mad at the government, do not glare into your television, say you hate the president and give the camera within it the finger. If you use the right key word, you may get surveyed, for real.

An Example of How Special Messages Lead to the “D” Word:

When I was in special message crisis, I was submerged with evidence of these realities. Although I thought the cameras were in my lights, not my television, it was clear to me that I was under surveillance.

My distress about being surveyed showed in my tortured, illuminati pupils and in many comments I made. Until I learned to suppress those realities, accept the state of my civil liberties, and shoulder the violence of police searches, haphazard community harassment, and my business mail being opened, I was not able to behave appropriately in consensus reality. When I learned to explain all this by calling myself a schizophrenic and concealing it all, I moved on.

What I did was suppress those realities and wait. I got a job in my field, mental health, and I saved my money. Eventually, thanks to wanted fugitives, I was able to learn that myself and many other targeted individuals are in fact more correct than consensus reality.

I learned to pretend it wasn’t so. Eventually, with the help of God, reality was revealed to me. I was, to a certain extent, correct.

There are still many ways my special message experiences are correct. Still, I have to recognize that I must behave as if they aren’t correct and work towards outcomes that lead to my survival. Then when the time comes, I will find out if I am correct or if the divergent views I have are, in fact, incorrect.

Ultimately, there were a few ways that I was incorrect. For example, I thought my father was covertly the head of an Irish Mafia Organization that was responsible for victimizing people in the streets. I thought everyone knew this and was compliant with scapegoating me.

While it was true the genetic tests did reveal that we were unwittingly and predominantly Irish, just as I thought—I was also inaccurate. To understand the ways it is true, the consensus reality supporter needs to know my traumatic history and how I was struggling to escape that history. Then, much of it makes sense.

Of course, I didn’t have any supporters.

Assessing Connection to Higher Powers Over Time:

In many cases I believe the message receiver is obtaining some sort of intuitive knowledge coming from a higher spiritual power or realm. If we train people who are in psychosis, how to have a high level of emotional intelligence and faith, I believe they can learn to assess special messages for intuitive reality and become truer beholders of reality than Fox and MSNBC news combined.

Toward a Definition of Reality that Includes Special Message Reality:

It is arguable that there are many dimensions of reality. Indeed, there are quite a few different subjective perspectives in the world, making the notion of ultimate reality very hard to pin down.

However, in studying special messages in group therapy I have tended to divide the world into two kinds of reality: material world; and special message reality. Defining each feels like differentiating my inward world from my life in the modern world.


Ultimately, I wonder if most of us can relate to both kinds of reality. Is it possible that the special message reality that dominated my life during my emergency is something to which anyone can relate?differentiating inward beliefs against the ones that I must engage in to maintain my professional life.

Indeed, I believe we all have special message experiences like intuition, dreams, and interpersonal perception. Not all of us have lived in an emergency in which we are immersed.

and profoundly preoccupied with these, but many of us have.

Additionally, there are other types of special message experience. Add phenomena like voices, premonitions, strange experiences with the television, telepathy, punny linguistic codes, to the more common special message experiences and emergency gets intense.

Perhaps, some people are graced with more of these experiences than others. For that reason, they have to learn to behave as if they don’t know when in some cases they do.

In the theory of reality that I have presented on the slide above, survival is a mix of both types of reality. Science is limited by paradigms that don’t explain everything and good mental and physical health is based on having our physiological, social, and meaningful activity needs met.

Thus, most engage in the modern, material world for mental health. Then, those of us who care about reality engage in the spiritual/message world to check and see if we are doing so in a way that is giving and loving to others.

The Reality for Those Who Are Neurodiverse:

What I argue, is that for message receivers who may be born with spiritual genes, generational trauma, or neurodevelopmental diversity primarily engage in the spiritual message world. Then, if they care about reality, they have the option of engaging in the modern material world to avoid concentration camps and homelessness. Sometimes family support helps.

How Do We Know What Is Real?

It’s true that in the paradigms of western psychology there is often thought to be emotions, cognition, and behavior. Essentially, like dumbass Freud and Carl Jung, I am simply arguing there is another category. Instead of calling it unconscious or collective unconscious, I am calling it extra sensory perception, spiritual contact, or special messages. It’s really not that complicated. We consensus reality western cowboys just have to acknowledge that we all have different degrees of special messages contact.

If we want to understand our reality, we need to check what we have going for us with the opposite theory of reality. Over time with emotional intelligence and faith we will learn what areas of our experience fit into both the spiritual and the profane world. The parts of our experience that fit both areas is the closest we can come to our reality or god.

Instead of seeing people who are different as sick and defective and rejecting and supporting the genocide against them, we need to partner with them and learn more about their special message experiences so we can all have a real experience. I don’t think this is rocket science, but it’s not likely to happen because things like superiority and privilege are so hard for so many with which to part.

Towards a More Dual Society:

So, many people need to get their ass to spirit and a few of the 1 percent and the bulk of those in poverty need to get their asses into more fitting relationships with the modern world. A good and peaceful society would make it possible to balance these realities. There would be good work/life balance and enough finances for all.

A bad society would amass power and use it to suppress its dissidents, veterans, incarcerated, and diverse-immigrant-worker-peoples-of-color into concentration camps. In my perspective the United States concentration camps exist in things like jails, prisons, mental hospitals, shelters, homeless encampments, or various forms of lawless, unregulated, public-housing-poor-houses. Of course, that is a generalization as not all such situations are that bad, but still. Future, conspiracy theorists predict that these concentration camps will be transformed into the red and blue rooms in Walmart. It’s already like that to some extent, but it could get much worse.

The question comes down to which pill you choose to take: the red pill or the blue?

In this world we call the matrix the red leads to the incorrigible Walmart rooms, and the mass incarceration industry,

In reality, if we want a peaceful, equitable, and spiritually healthy society, we all need to take both pills.

So, I don’t know what we’re going to do as the corona depression hits; not really.