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Are you looking for innovative solutions for complex challenges? Perhaps you have reached out for help and got burned. Maybe it seems like there is no safe place to talk about your problems. Or maybe it’s just you are trying to help a family member but just don’t know what to do. When there is no simple answer for anxiety, depression, social exclusion, abuse, emotional pain or addictive behavior, perhaps it is time to go a little deeper.

I am a psychotherapist with a twenty-five year career in mental health and an award-winning author.  When things like complex and generational trauma are behind your suffering there may be an array of syndromes to be uncovered. These may include not only learning and interpersonal challenges, but also dissociation, psychosis or hearing voices. It can be good to work with someone who is fully vested and knowledgeable about these challenges!

Whether you are seeking my therapy services, my training for professionals, or just looking for a good read, congratulations! Reaching out for help is an exceedingly humble thing to do. You are not nearly as alone as you may think.  Simple acceptance is often the first step towards transforming your life.

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Across Diagnostic Categories!
Whether you are a sufferer, survivor, provider or loved one, I am almost certain that when we look across diagnostic categories that more people relate to these experiences than you think!

What Will People Think?
When a person first experiences a psychosis or special message emergency, many think a threshold has been crossed from which there is no going back. Often, associates presume the worst possible outcome and go on with their lives as if the sufferer no longer exists.

Often, the focus of treatment is overly protective reality checks and behavioral control. Many experts do not know what to do and utilize an institutional system that does not work and can make things worse. They may vastly underestimate what the sufferer can learn and accomplish.

Accepting Beacon, Magellan, Optum, and Medi-Cal

Now Accepting Beacon, Magellan, Medi-Cal, and Optum Insurance Open for Business Name & Business: Tim Dreby, MFT Contact Email: tim@specialmessages7.com Contact Phone :510-778-9194 Website: www.timdreby.com Licensed in the State of CA (Y/N/NA)? Yes Clinical Licenses or Certificates: LMFT #45563 Willing to Work Via Videoconference? Yes, on the secure doxy.me platform Able to provide support with minimal use of medications, including tapering […]

Speaking Event, May 1

I will be presenting a workshop at the annual California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies. This will be the first part of my six hour training that can be downloaded here: Training Powerpoint. CASRA is an important local resource that has supported me over the years.  Click to view  2019 Flyer

Clyde Dee 11/21 by The Knowledge Show Live | Radio Podcasts

Click to hear  my interview. Source: The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Lori Ann Davis and Clyde Dee 11/21 by The Knowledge Show Live | Radio Podcasts

How I Overcame the Revolving Door of Insanity, by Don Karp

Guest Blogger Don Karp, helps young adults recovering from schizophrenia with practical, science based self-care. Check out his free video, 7-Step Self-Hypnosis Process, by signing up here. His book, available on Amazon, is The Bumpy Road: A Memoir of Culture Clash, Including Woodstock, Mental Hospitals and Living In Mexico. He is a regular contributor to […]