Legal Reality

Humans inhabit the court room

Where right gets discerned from wrong

Investing all their damn money

Into the justice they long.

Anger bounces savagely

In tossed and yanked slinky veins

That domino amassment

Of hate in buzzing refrain.

These are the veins that disregard

Every glimpse of opposition,

Destroying truth in perspectives

That also yearn for fruition.

Such is any claim to truth

That harnesses the violence

Of obscure reaction,

Squawking with its insistence.

In court these truths are resolved

By the massive collection

Of endlessly abstracted,

Legally teased erections

Of verdicts gleaming brightly

Bearing a fiscal complexion

For conveyor and authors

Of soul-seizing infection.

Power pumps potent pulse

That occupies peaceful bones

Static crackling distraction

That tones out the doubts that drone.

Curse the evaluation

That sets inequality wild!

Curse the rules and regulations

That echo in the tiled

Order of institutional

Imprisonment! Curse the demise

Of esteem, punched contusions

By city’s violent sunrise!

People think that justice is concrete

When the whole concept is a cheat!

Profiteers are proud of their feats

Feasting on justice with deceit.

But what goddamn logic is it

That worships greed, and closets

Empathy? Here we elicit

Internal arrogant deposits

Of monetary tuition

That torques lawyer’s ambition

To create superstition

That breeds social recognition

And so I ask:

Why do legal collisions

Make right and wrong decisions

On god’s creative visions,

When they lack truth’s mission?