My Training in the Month of November

Over the last fifteen years, I have dedicated significant chunks of my weekend towards writing. I wrote a memoir, I developed draft after draft of my special message material, I built a website, and I grew my writing platform. It used to feel comfortable, like all this work was a natural part of my healing journey. I used to look forward to the weekends and my projects.

I recently got to the point where needed to take a break from writing blogs. I focused on developing my training so that I could teach the system of care that I have created that guides my interventions. I geared the training for providers and family members. But now I am done, and I am just not sure what to do. I am no longer comfortable creating my work. Could it be, it is time to share it?

I have suggested across my platforms that I want to build an online course and have set my website up to help me sign people up for a low-cost Beta Course so that I might practice and assess interest in this endeavor. I believe that the course will take eight hours to complete so I am starting to advertise for four Sunday evenings. I am currently targeting the month of November for this project. That would be November 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th 6pm-8pm PST.

The training is for providers, family members, or peer workers who are anxious about addressing comments that seem to be “delusional” in their work with people who hear voices or who experience “other” special messages experiences. In addition to clearly defining “other” types of experiences, the training provides an eight-part definition of psychosis and asserts eight solution constructs that can guide one in developing interventions.

By the time it’s over, the participant will have a system of care that can guide them in their work with others who struggle with these dilemmas. This helps the supporter keep from getting anxious or angry (which triggers trauma) and decreases the need to use the hospital to further marginalize the loved one.

I recognize that eight hours is a lot of time in our busy lives to dedicate to learning skills that will address a challenge like psychosis. It feels like a lot to ask; and perhaps that is the reason for my current sense of paralysis. But I also believe I have done a good job shaving down the material so that it is concise and fun. And understanding psychosis does take some time.

Now I’ll admit that before I decided to reach out with this email, I was trying to decide if I would be better off writing a book and using the platforms I have built along the way along with a launch plan to spread my work in that manner. I consider myself to be more of a writer than someone who enjoys looking at myself on the Zoom or YouTube platforms.

But for you, my followers, I have decided to cast these doubts away. It’s time to ask for your support to see if my work has what it takes to transform the understanding of psychosis, so that providers and family members know how to relate to it better.