The Importance of Causation in “Psychosis”

I think groups help message receivers when it comes to being flexible with the concept of causation of “psychosis.” One of the few rules of a Hearing Voices Network Group is that all causation explanations are allowed. I’d argue that this sets the stage for what I have come to term functional flexible theory styles. Hearing authentic stories from peers about their experience and beliefs of causation  invites collaboration and ultimately flexibility. I think this naturally helps people out towards their social goals

Not only is discussing their experiences without punishment a novel and emancipating idea, it encourages a sense of belonging to a peer group. A positive consequence is that the group becomes more less focused on the content and more the process of what is going on. There is a sense of working together that helps the message receiver be more mindful and open.  For eight years I have watched this process help heal people.

It is true I have developed some jargon to describe the process of message receiving. In the process of doing this I have become a believe that causation flexibility can help facilitate social goals.  For starters, in my upcoming book on Special Messages, I identify five causation styles:

5 Styles of Theory


  • Messages are your inner thoughts or unconscious beliefs. They are just in your head.  We broadcast our unconscious beliefs in ways that cause others to interact with us in ways that make our unconscious beliefs realities.
  • Messages are a way of processing things that we aren’t willing to deal with.
  • Messages are a return to a regressed period of attachment in which the baby has destructive relationships with the boobs.


oppression of the state

  • Messages come from people following you around and tormenting you in order to control or seek revenge on you who could be a gang, government, corporations, masons, aliens, or other secret societies.
  • Messages are real evidence that the government has to socially control snitches and put them in ditches.


  • Messages are nothing but figments of past perpetrators or abusers.
  • Messages come from the social thoughts or judgments of others, the social mainstream, or the collective unconscious of others (Stigmas) that are being used to decrease your social standing



  • Messages come from god, fairies, aliens, ghosts or what we in the west call supernatural experiences.
  • Messages are processes that may help or hurt you in evolving or adapting to the dilemmas of a modern environment.
  • Messages are there to test your ability to be good and evil and are there to lead you to lead others.

scientific processes

  • Message are caused by genetic differences or scientific processes that develop because of nuero-diversity that isn’t socially selected to survive.
  • Message happen when neuro-transmitters get changed through things like environmental stress patterns that fall into genetically derived conditions
  • Messages happen when spiritual genes get persecuted in our society

Though groups work quite naturally, I have developed some techniques to help explain or demonstrate the importance of being flexible with causation.  When I jargon-talk functional flexible theory styles with people, I explain that every special message (voice, intuition, interpersonal perception, symbolic interpretation, punny linguistic coincidence, cue from the media or natural occurrences, etcetera) that causes distress can be dealt with by varying the theory style and make alternative meaning of the experience. Usually message receiver us only one theory style during crisis and it make the experience unbearable/

When the message receiver can  learn to become open to accepting alternative theories, it can catapult them in terms of their ability to complete social functioning tasks. Eventually, they simply need to choose to believe an explanation that they can accept that decreases distress. An alternative theory doesn’t even have to claim to be real or true, but if the message receiver can use it to decrease distress, they might learn a positive skill. Then, they need to wait and let god reveal the answer to them. It is about using spirituality to enhance emotional intelligence. Hence I like to call this a spiritual skill.

What does this look like?

Below I have identified five different kinds of message experiences and and created different causation explanations based on the above theory styles. To be helpful to a message receiver in distress from a special message, I propose using  the graph below to create alternative meanings of the special message experience.  These can be proposed to a message receiver not as a reality check but as a means to evade extreme distress when they are open to talking about it.

Punny verbal coincidence:

  • Speakers unconscious projecting
  • Intentional coded disrespect
  • Spiritual linguistic coincidence
  • Currently insignificant but reminds victim of a past of abuse
  • Neuro-chemicals enhancing reality

Object in the road:

  • Visual illusion created by the unconscious
  • Intentional mafia expression of control
  • God or the devil put it there
  • Still impacted by the last piece of random litter and in trauma
  • Gene code that forces the brain to make insignificant meaning


  • Unconscious thoughts
  • Governmental/mafia communication via vibrations in your fillings
  • Alien Satellite communication through a computer chip in your head
  • Telepathic directives from evil societies such as the Church of Satan
  • Dead relative
  • Past perpetrator
  • Result of a specific inherited gene that gets activated

Special broadcast on TV movie

  • Unconscious illusions based on: what’s really on the message receiver mind
  • Hollywood illuminate coding its secret reality
  • A special broadcast from the CIA
  • Propaganda overseen by the US Government
  • Spiritual coincidence that relates to your life
  • Witnessing a coincidence that is tipping of a traumatic recall
  • Flood of dopamine between the neurotransmitters

Uncanny intuition from an interpersonal interaction:

  • Message receivers personal issues being projected onto the situation
  • Maybe message receiver is witnessing a real FBI sting, or undercover agent
  • An ability to pick up on real spiritual energy
  • Able to sense a real perpetrator/victim interaction
  • Coincidental flood of serotonin

I believe that having a cultural feel for what is going on during a psychotic episode or message crisis enables a helper to propose alternative meaning that may help the message receiver decrease the distress. Different explanation will work in different contexts.  It is up to the helper to know the message receiver well enough to propose a successful alternative meaning that is acceptable to them.  This can help further the relationship and increase trust for something other than the information and power that the messages wield.

But don’t expect to run off and propose alternative meanings immediately. Using this functional flexible theory style strategy takes some time and relationship to make work. It’s more like the facilitator can highlight this process when it occurs naturally after many sessions and during points of good group cohesion.

freud   Two Inflexible Dudes!