WAKE UP, I’m Coming Out of Hibernation!

I am writing to alert my community and tell them to WAKE UP. I am coming out of hibernation!

I have always been grateful to my community of readers and want to thank you for supporting me. But I admit my emails have been personal amblings and links to my blogs. First, they were monthly updates, then they were quarterly reflections. Lately they have become even more infrequent.

I am very much a person who learns by doing. I wrote my award-winning memoir without going to school for writing. If you saw my early blog sites you will notice that I have been developing not only my blog writing but also my website skills as I do. Editing the web pages has become an obsession and I am currently undergoing improvements. First impressions have never been my strong suit, but I am getting there, Now, it’s time to work on my social web skills so I can finally put my spider senses into action.

That’s right, I will be using this email list with a great deal more frequency. I have decided that instead of writing a book, I want to develop an on-line training.

This will not happen immediately. At this point I am launching a project to put a redefining psychosis workgroup together. This work groups will be free for those with lived experience. It will include material developed over twelve years with a need to develop my PowerPoint skills to make them look animated and pretty on zoom.

Not only will I be writing narratives of the processes I am going through to make this vision a reality, I will be using resources and affiliations I have to expand my email list and keep you all posted. I may be knocking at your door and asking for you to join me.

If you may be reading this on Facebook and are not on my email list, it is a great time to take the plunge so you can be part of this ground breaking work. When you do sign my email list you get a free pdf of my award-winning memoir. You can sample my work and see what you think.

No more ambling and skill development. It is time for me to WAKE UP. In fact, that is the first three words of my memoir: “I wake up!” Don’t believe me, check it out here.

My decision to focus on further development of my training is simple. It may well be an easier way to express my learning and make an impact. And because I like to write, I will be writing updates and narratives about the hurdles I have to go through.

If you know someone who would be interested in my training, please forward the email and join my list here.