My First Keynote

On June 12th this year I have been invited to do my first keynote at the OCEACT Conference in Bend Oregon. This is a conference for providers who work on ACT teams throughout the state of Oregon. I feel it is a good fit because early in my career I used to work on a case management team as such.

I have created a speech that addresses my concern about California’s recent passing of Proposition 1 that targets people with my diagnostic history as a means of addressing the homelessness issue that is rampant throughout the state.

I will be examining the impact of my exposure to a violent section 8 housing authority project in Seattle WA called the Morrison Hotel and my three-month psychiatric incarceration at Montana State Hospital to examine the impact of involuntary treatment. I will be highlighting how difficult it is to come back from such catastrophic loss and how mandating two years of treatment bears the potential of making social rehabilitation more challenging.

I have felt neglected in terms of gaining an opportunity to do a keynote. I have fears of public speaking that I have worked to overcome by doing workshops. I repeatedly failed to get support from local leaders and eventually stopped going to CASRA Conferences because even though my ratings came back very positive, I was never given the opportunity to do a keynote.

I recently got diagnosed with two bulging discs in my neck and severe stenosis down my right arm adding to the challenge that lays before me. This morning, I got an injection in my neck that I hope will offer me some relief and improve my ability to present.

After my Keynote, I will lead a breakout session. I will present an abbreviated hour and a half version of my Journey Through Madness Training to demonstrate how culturally specific training can vastly help case managers improve their connections with people like me. I hope to gain participants for my 2025 training and maybe sell a few books. For more information about the conference click: