Season’s Greetings

Twas the night before new years and up in the house
The APA approved therapist fell asleep on the couch
The patients kept on talking ‘neath bulbs translucent glare
Grateful that working through psychosis was permitted there . . .


The last two holiday seasons I have spent Christmas in bed with a fever and here I sit with a tickle in my throat sending out seasons greeting to my one-thousand-and-four followers. I marvel at the change that abounds in the world, the clinic, and with all the apocalyptic cynics. I usually give Grinch cards to people I work for and fight to endure these holidays with a positive perspective for those who enjoy them.
I am thankful this year that, finally, after years of advocacy, I am going to get to welcome peer counsellors into the clinic where I work. I have been hard at work feeling out on a limb laying out how this will work against some sceptical minds. I am supported by my bosses and offered support for which I am grateful, but still, battle with feeling that my approach is needlessly under scrutiny at points.
My community special messages group at PEERS is no longer going to be operating with me at the helm. I am passing this group off to capable hands. I am really praying that marketing efforts will bring them some new participants as most of our current regulars will not be able to make the new user-friendly time.
And I am finally going to make it to a Hearing Voices Network Training which I hope to use to sharpen my own provider training, so it can optimally complement HVN. In this training, I am going to get a chance to work with providers and peers who may be bringing HVN to San Francisco agencies. This will offer me an opportunity to tweak and market my six-hour training, the PowerPoint for which can be downloaded for free from my website by clicking, Here!
I had the opportunity to practice giving the later part of my training to providers at La Chiem Counseling Clinic earlier this month. I felt warmly received there and really appreciated the questions comments and reflections that came up.
I finally got an article published on Mad in America after sending them so many versions of my story. In the article I was permitted to admit that I still take medication which was important to me. I still consider myself anti-establishment and one day hope to feel safe and stable enough to try a withdrawal process. I still work with some people who are so greatly oppressed I still feel I need my medication to suppress the rebellion within me. The article got my new and improved website some genuine clicks and I was happy about that. However, I only gained one follower. To follow me now click, Here!
I published several articles on my blog this past month that I wrote back in the summer. They highlight the psychological anthropological bent of the learning process I have documented in my special messages work. I hope my email followers will find them worthy.
Ways Self-Disclosure Can Help Cross Systemic Cultural Barriers and Help
Why Lived Experience and Curiosity Deserve Your Respect:
Using “Schizophrenia” to Find A Soul Mate:
Over Thanksgiving, I started out the holiday season with a getaway up to Tahoe with my wife and dog. We ate at McDonalds for Thanksgiving, so I want to take a minute to honor fast-food workers for their sacrifice. I lived that life for many years and feel bad about perpetuating it. We did a three hour walk in the pouring rain without getting hypothermia. Then, we had several other beautiful weather days and did some extraordinary hiking! I wrote a blog post about the trip that will be posted very soon about surviving the holiday with complex trauma.
Very shortly the results of the top shelf award will be announced for which I am a finalist for the best memoir. If any reader would like to buy my book, it is cheapest on my website where I have slashed the price yet again.