Excerpt from Special Messages Book, Chapter Seventeen, Anti-Stigma Cognition for Social Rehabilitation

Philosophy of Reality that Promotes Anti-Stigma Cognition:

In order to sell the good parts of cognitive therapy as a tool for social rehabilitation, I have had to create an underlying philosophy about what reality is. This is a model that can come up at various points in individual and group therapy as a means of motivating a message receiver toward using the material world to fact check their spiritual insights.

In this model, I consider reality to be a dialectic between the spiritual message world and the material modern world. The spiritual message world involves all the message experiences that I took pains to identify in chapter four and throughout the text. In short, this includes things like ESP (i.e. reading minds,) hallucinations (i.e. hearing voices) and intuited reality discerned through things like coded linguistic coincidence and loosely associated coded symbols that inhabit a real or imagined world. The spiritual message world is very much in the subjective perspective of an individual consciousness.

In contrast the material modern world (or profane reality) consists of the reality that is shared in the mainstream social world that is based on scientifically arrived at concepts that exist in the collective consciousness of an established culture and rooted in observation of the social world that is inhabited. Ultimately, message receivers are living entirely in the message world and need to increase their focus and motivation to strike a balance between these two entities.

Ultimately, as the intellectual community has learned over time, scientific paradigms get created and occupy the social mainstream for decades and centuries until a scientific figure discovers something that changes that paradigm. And so Europe stops thinking the world is flat in 1492, and in the 1800s Darwin challenges literal interpretation of the creation notion in the Bible, and sometime in the future enough power and money will effectively topple the Western psychiatric establishment and the DSM will be replaced with science that better depicts the interplay between trauma and neuro-divergence.

The dialectic of these two worlds is not all that different from Marsha Lineman’s dialectic between the rational and emotional mind. I consider the constructs to be similar but defined for a slightly different ethos of people. Much as it is with Marsha Linehan’s dialectical behavioral therapy, I postulate that a person’s sharpest perspective of reality comes when there is overlap between the spiritual message world and the profane material world. I believe that this is a simple lesson that can inspire the message receiver to avoid the all or nothing trap when it comes to receiving special messages. Message receivers need to pay attention to the information they receive from special messages but they need to be mindful of it and learn to fact check it against the profane material world. They need to pretend and go along with the profane concepts and fact check. In some cases, they may need to decrease stigma that is due to false mainstream concepts (particularly when it comes to themselves) and plan to reshape the paradigm so they can be permitted to play significant roles that fit them in society. In my experience, these concepts can be very easily taught to message receivers in a manner that resonates and helps them feel both understood and motivated to use the tool of anti-stigma cognitions.

I want to spend some time looking at the ramifications of this model. Essentially, what this philosophy suggests is that there is a part of the message world that is real, and a part of the material world that is not. This may be challenging for some to accept so I want to further explore each world so that my generalizations about types of reality can be further discerned.


Truth in the Spiritual Message World:

Yes, I have lived with messages long enough to believe that a part of the message world can offer a valuable view of the way the world is put together. Being in message crisis I learned truths about the way technology mixes with social control and sustains propaganda. Thanks to people like Edward Snowden and criminalized individuals associated with Wiki leaks who have devoted their lives to letting the public know more about what is really happening, I have had it confirmed that many of the divergent views I had during my message crisis were real.

As a result, I am no longer a protester and a whistle blower and I thoroughly understand the criminal networks of the American black market along with the need for it. I see now that I have learned a lot about social oppression, wars and genocide by making meaning of the world I have experienced in ways that are very valuable. I have learned that intuitive material can give me premonitions on some occasions, but that if I overly rely on it I will get burned and become emotionally distraught in ways I do not have to be. In other words, I get confused about intuitive reality and anxious projections.

In observing private stories of other individuals who navigate message crisis over the last ten years, I have learned that similar themes about social control, power, corruption, and spiritual reality come up for many message receivers. People with different values, political ideologies, access to resources, or and allegiances develop different takes and play different roles in the narratives of their divergent views. Perhaps, instead of the mafia, the enemies are aliens or demons, but the world operates in a similar manner and takes into consideration wide historical perspectives. Not everyone receives truth that might be best explained by spiritual connection. Likewise, not everyone faces evil that is tormenting and abusive. However, by connecting to the right facts in the material world a message receiver can better understand and endure what they are going through. Maybe they might be living their lives like they are in another time period or a war zone, but unleashing their stories and applying them to the profane material world can be a helpful activity. Indeed a savvy helper in a trusting relationship can do this in a way that promotes alternate meanings and functional flexible theories about message causation.

A story I often use that demonstrates this is my old fixation with California license plates. In my message crisis, I believed them be used to incorrectly define people as corrupt enemies of the state or as powerful agents within the state. To explain: I believed that associations I made to the numbers and letters helped me understand where the state was coming from with regard to people. Many of the number association were reinforced by the numbers of the specialty sandwiches I worked with in the Italian Deli.

Ten years later, I came across a newspaper article that disclosed that some license plates actually do code messages in them based on government code . . .  in Cuba. So I learned that experience did have reality in it. I was just a few countries off! Additionally, I did learn in a message group once that the chef who made up the sandwich specialties really was a local Italian kingpin. Of course, I don’t know for sure if that’s true, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore.


Lies in the Profane Material World:

Yes, part of the material collective ethos of a society is based on lies and human exploitation. Extremely, complicated science is based on ever-shifting paradigms that are found to be inaccurate and that can produce facts that can lead to magnificent oppression. Indeed, facts can be attained based on faulty science that have inherit concepts of superiority attached. I am going to explore just one aspect of this, psychological testing.

For example, consider the way psychological testing from IQ, to the Thematic Apperception Test, to the Rorschach might get misused. Considers ways they might not only get used to understand and help, but also to justify institutionalization and political marginalization. Consider that they are not always culturally competent. Consider they are a snapshot of a person at a given time of crisis that get reviewed repeatedly. Consider that altered states change that people who are incredibly hurt heal, that we do not publish psychological tests to understand or select our leaders, but to direct those who are downtrodden through our social institutions. Consider that they do not account for racial, class or gender tensions between the tester and the subject. Consider how law enforcement can use them to solve crimes. Mix those tests with knowledge attained by the social psychology field and you start to get a different picture. Consider that people most often selected to be psychologists have an elevated p factor, p standing for psychopathology.

There are many ways pseudoscience in American society has functioned to justify differing types of atrocity and justify a prison system that is filled with people of color. Whole industries are made illegal and as a result violence is taught and perpetuated. And so people are ranked and educated so as to spend their life in institutions regardless of significant cultural issues, people like Sylvester Stallone. Stallone attended an expensive special education school in Philadelphia. I worked at a similar institution for a year and can imagine some of what he might have been subjected to. I was taught that some of those with conduct disorders respond best to negative reinforcement. Students were on a negative reinforcement point system because that’s what psychology suggests works best. Often they seemed to respond better to physical restraints wielded with love by individuals who were paid so poorly that they had to engage in illegal activity to survive.

I personally believe Stallone had to create an ingenious manner to stay out of prison and stay free. And so Rocky was created, great story, and eventually used to promote hatred against the cold war Soviet Union.

Indeed there are many ways that inherently false beliefs that are promoted and held to maintain social order. Rhetoric and propaganda hide reality and irrationally connect people in ways that encourage strife, conflict, and politics. Sure notions of good and bad power exist, but some people are clearly silenced bagged and tagged sold up the river in ways that many people believe is justified. The words of some are amplified, and of others are irrationally silenced. Institutional bullying leads to swaths of stigma and irrational reality.

Not all science and knowledge about nature and the material world is false. Much of the information that we know in the modern world is trustworthy in some contexts. Some may be sanctioned by god and some may be driven by human corruption to increase inhuman, irrational oppression. In other words, the information age that ignores the experience of the message receivers who fill our churches and mental health wards might need some spiritual guidance.

Using the Philosophy of Reality in Modern Social Rehabilitation Efforts:

Think of it this way: classically, message receivers become overly focused on the spiritual, message world so much that they break away from the profane material world entirely. In order to motivate message receivers to increase their focus on the profane material world, I argue that when the spiritual message world functions in unison with the profane material world that is when a body is most in reality. I find that many message receivers are particularly motivated by truth. Thus, I argue that when the message receiver can use rationality and apply themselves and it to the profane material world they can bring the two worlds into balance and have a more rational, real experience. Ultimately, they could experience a reality that might make them less hurt, angry, fearful, or mad.

Thus, cognitive therapy, or anti-stigma cognitions may need to be leaned on to promote some degree of social rehabilitation. It is clearly arguable that knowing the scientific paradigms that are out there in the mainstream is an important thing to understand and know.  Message receivers may even need to subjugate themselves to them for extended periods of time. Operating like a drone and subjecting themselves to these paradigms might in fact be an okay thing to do for a while to sustain an entry-level position in a society or a mental health clinic. This may require a very intense period where anti-stigma cognitions need to be amplified and positive affirmations about the message receiver’s real skills and gifts may need to be mantras. While having support can clearly be very helpful, ongoing acts of stigma and subjugation are likely to persist. There needs to be a sense that a message receiver is competent with mainstream scientific paradigms before they are safe using their messages to their advantage. And a message receiver needs to have an ability to know what messages they have fit into the mainstream paradigm. I would go so far as to argue that message receivers may be able to break some of the current paradigm maintained by the well-funded medical establishment that is responsible on a wide scale for the subjugation of message experiences. Indeed, I hope to help some of us do this!

This is why I feel many solid and withstanding indigenous societies used message receiving shaman with spiritual abilities to improve society. Many humans crave rational order and shaping society so that it follows spiritual, message principles is a good way to promote rationality and justice for all. For modern society, in which subjugation is maintained through superpowers, finding ways to include shaman and message receivers may be an important way promote sustainability on this earth. Indeed, it is arguable that the religious texts and narratives of the world’s major religions are aimed at helping large super-powered states out in this manner through the epochs. I believe it can work when they are not turned against each other in violent crusades based on extremist rhetoric, corrupt propaganda, and the promulgation of superpower secrets that preempt violent conflicts.